Engine Consult International:
Expert Knowledge about Gas Engines

With 35 years of experience in the field of reciprocating internal combustion engines using gaseous or alternative fuels, Engine Consult International and its Founder/CEO Mr. Ingobert Adolf would be a perfect choice to assist your business as a consultant, trainer, or lecturer in the expanding field of gas engines and their applications.


ECI's interdisciplinary approach is one of its outstanding strengths. We work on a synthesis of technological knowledge and economical analysis. We also take into account the different requirements of your business regarding R&D, Marketing, Sales, and Service.

Additional Advantages of ECI

  • Independent Consulting
    We do not represent or sell any specific products.
  • Flexibility
    We can work at your company location, project locations, or conduct research from our offices.
  • Customer Orientation
    We have the ability to focus on your specific needs.

Last but not least: Our work is based on in-depth business knowledge. The project summary gives you a good impression about the wide experience base in all the fields of work of Engine Consult International.

Ingobert Adolf and his team are ready to answer your inquiries. Please feel free to send an email or leave a message with your phone number so we can call you back.


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