Our knowledge about gas engines was built up during years of employment in Research and Development, Project Management, and department leadership in companies well-known in the business. Today we can offer you a broad range of services (including, but not limited to:)

  • Consulting R&D of reciprocating internal combustion engines, especially gas engines, in terms of technology. For example with engine concepts, adaptation of engines to different fuel properties, selection of the best-suited peripheral components and support in negotiations with suppliers.
  • Support in terms of organizing your R&D activities. We will develop time schedules and R&D cost scenarios, advice you about the build-up of the R&D infrastructure and support you in the process of hiring gas engine specialists.
  • We assess current R&D projects, create a Strength and Weaknesses profile and advice you about improvements in technology, cost and project schedule.
  • We can offer deep knowledge about details of the peripheral components of gas engine driven power plants; i.e., gas supply, control of electrical consumers in island mode operation, implementation of heating systems, emergency cooling concepts, exhaust gas cleaning and many more features.

Useful assistance around your
gas engines

  • Sales and engineering support
  • Assistance during the start-up process of complex field installations.
  • Problem analysis with customer engines in the field
  • Optimization of plant operation
  • Market assessments and studies
  • Competition analysis and benchmarking
  • Creation of tender documents for external R&D activities
  • R&D controlling
  • Training courses for R&D and service personnel
  • Lectures and presentations


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