35 years of working experience of Ingobert Adolf in different projects related to gas engine R&D, sales and engineering of engine driven power plants can be summarized as follows:

  • Initiating, planning and leading complex Research and Development projects with outstanding success, like:
  • Manager R&D Gas Engines
    Jenbacher Werke AG and Jenbacher Energiesysteme GmbH
    Engine Series 6 project
    Today's leading gas engine series in the 2 to 4 MW class
  • Senior Manager R&D Gas Engines,
    MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH
    Gas Engine Series 4000 project
    A new product successfully introduced in the marketplace during the last years
  • Leadership of interdisciplinary teams in market assessment and customer support.
  • Development of product and marketing strategies.
  • Build-up of new R&D and sales departments
  • Leadership of R&D and sales departments
  • Market introduction of energy technology products, design and procurement of engine test benches, re-organization of production processes
  • Ingobert Adolf was a member of international R&D projects and world-wide sales activities.
  • In addition to his consulting business, Ingobert Adolf is giving lectures at the HTL Anichstrasse Innsbruck (Federal Secondary College of Engineering), covering the fields of internal combustion engines, energy and environmental technology and engine design & project management.

Additionally, we can offer our expertise in the following fields

  • Leadership and Human Resources development
  • Budget planning and project scheduling
  • Presentations and training courses


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